Apollo conquers new heights: SmartBet platform and Goodwin bookmaker thrill users with a new game - Ballon


The partnership between RedLab Gaming and SmartBet has brought new creativity and excitement to the Goodwin sportsbook website in the form of Ballon, an all-new gaming experience for players. The new game is powered by RedLab Gaming's innovative Apollo product. This all-new approach to game creation will allow Goodwin to expand its player portfolio and increase its GGR.

Could Provably Fair Games Be the Future of Online Gambling?


One of the key ingredients of a successful online gambling platform is completely immersing the customer in the gaming environment and creating engaging, sophisticated games that players feel they can control. Fairness, gamesmanship and luck should intertwine in equal measure to create enticing and exciting experiences. Simple slots where the player presses a button and is allocated three images on a screen simply doesn’t cut it anymore, and businesses providing this type of game will very soon run out of customers.

Pivot Strategies to Engage Millennials in Online Gambling


Millennials are the first generation that have grown up with the internet and modern tech as we know it. Nearly every aspect of a millennial’s day to day life is affected in some way by tech, and its many benefits. They therefore have a profound intuition, understanding and enjoyment when it comes to tech platforms - unlike any other generation before them.

The iGaming Market Is Booming & Here’s How You Can Get in on That Action


The online gambling market is booming like never before, and for operators who haven’t yet cashed in on the growth of the industry, now is the time! Let’s analyse how the online gambling industry has been affected by the current global pandemic in 2020, and - most importantly - how they can leverage their business strategies to get in on that action!

Top 10 iGaming Podcasts


For all iGaming merchants, knowing the top industry trends is essential for creating fantastic player experiences and driving profit. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to iGaming podcasts run by people who understand the industry and have valuable insights about how you can create a better iGaming platform. To help you find out which iGaming podcasts are best for you, we’ve put together a list of ten of the very best, and what you can expect to hear on each one of them.