Apollo conquers new heights:
SmartBet platform and Goodwin bookmaker thrill users with a new game - Balloon

The partnership between RedLab Gaming and SmartBet has brought new creativity and excitement to the Goodwin sportsbook website in the form of Balloon, an all-new gaming experience for players. The new game is powered by RedLab Gaming's innovative Apollo product. This all-new approach to game creation will allow Goodwin to expand its player portfolio and increase its GGR.

A key feature of Apollo is customization option, and the ability for developers to bring an idea to life. Our team of experienced RedLab Gaming experts can completely modify the game to suit customer preferences, in order to create the ultimate gaming experience. Authenticity and originality are hard-wired into Apollo's DNA, and so the unique architecture and interface of Balloon is a prime example of the power of Apollo.

Not only does the game look beautiful, but the gaming environment has the thrill, suspense, and nail-biting excitement that all gamers are after. This is achieved using our provable fairness algorithm and configurable RTP, and we're working on a number of customized additional features, including bonus awards to customers for free spins, in-game tournaments to push betting activities, and in-game mystery Jackpots. These are all designed to keep the player's heart racing, attention focused on the game, and bets being played.

SmartBet had this to say about Apollo and the partnership: "Apollo is a unique gaming product with the ability to customize and create stunning games that truly stand out. The first one that we have developed, Balloon, is already featured on the Goodwin website, and this is the first of many that will blossom from this partnership. This is a great opportunity for us to quickly offer completely new products to our customers and carry on updating our platform to keep or games fresh and interesting. This is a real constructor where you can reconfigure absolutely everything - from internal configurations and RTP, to the development of any interface."

Online gambling operators that choose Apollo from RedLab Gaming can be sure to benefit from fast and seamless integration that shortens their time to market and gets their players playing as soon as possible.

Sportsbook website Goodwin
, which hosts the game, said: "Balloon is completely original, and nothing like we have had before, and our visitors are thrilled with the game! In a very short time, the game has demonstrated excellent results and proven the value of Apollo. We are planning further cooperation with RedLab, their future games will be available on a single seamless API".

Gyulzadyan Levon, Product Manager of RedLab Gaming, added: "The iGaming market is a clustered playground, and oversaturated with games today. However, all these games are considered by many to be outdated in terms of style and concept. We therefore decided to shake up the market and create something new that would be fundamentally different from the usual proposals. We are delighted that we've achieved this and provided a fantastic service for our customers."

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